April 2022 Meeting Minutes

April 6 2022 General Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 6:09 pm

Attendance: Andrea Brouhard, Judy Marshall, Cathy Taylor, Jeanne Tolan, Gianna Colonna, Marcus Thorsteinsson, Jacqueline Woods

Christopher not present. He has to work….Christopher appeared 6:35 pm. Suggested to read news letter. Thought it would be fantastic for teachers to show up.

Motion to approve last meeting minutes

  • Andrea shared on screen.

  • Motion made by Tolan.

  • Seconded by Gianna – Principal.


  • Peter Piper Night

  • Spring Carnival

  • Last PTSA Meeting 5/4

  • Bahama Bucks coming up on 5/10.

  • In June there are PTSA conferences. Planning on attending.

  • Audit due 6/30/2022.

  • Penny War Totals: ~1,400. A few expenses – jars and dessert party.

  • $100 on dessert and $50 on containers.

  • Was aiming to give $1,000 so nice job.

  • Was a lot of leftovers. In fridge?

  • How are we going to use the money? CABS still needs to inform/order

  • Survey results – Christopher must have. From Movie Night.

  • Not in slides.

  • Soda Rush

  • Dole Whip

  • Fancy Fountain Drinks

  • Cookies

  • And more?

  • Slime Time

  • Students want to be sure that there are large buckets of slime and NOT just one small cup.

  • More than a cup – more slime.

  • Need more volunteers – will need to circle back?

  • Email went out – teachers talking?

  • Have volunteers? Looked at sign up sheet – sign up genius.

  • Lots of volunteers.

  • Tolan is going to send out another email to encourage more to go to sign up genius.

  • Joining the Board? People can join! Will need to go through nominations and vote on.

  • Returning/New to Board w/positions.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week - $100 dollars for Teacher Appreciation Week?

  • Pinnacle Peak Prep – snack bar and donating gift cards to raffle off.

  • Teachers would love if there was a lunch for staff.

  • Lunch Type – (homemade/pizza/sandwiches/pasta/tacos).

  • Maybe a few people are gluten free – have another option? Andrea said she will brainstorm and circle back.

  • Membership: 80 or 81 members

  • Husky Howl Outs Slips – Saja can send an email? See below. Christopher can reach out? Need to get a budget line item. Need something approved.

  • Use quote that was used before and purchasing that many will last 3-5 years.

  • Saja did the research, so she reached out to the company, and it was more money ~$700.00

  • Andrea is not privy to what was going to be discussed

  • Will need to add a line item to budget?

  • Are we completely out of? – Running low; an admin said probably.

  • Want to get more before run out.

  • Restoring benches - $350 a piece. Saja was maybe going to get more information.

  • Do not know how much benches cost originally.

  • Replace with new estimates OR restore? Circle back.


  • Going to be put on the website for everyone to look at each month.

  • Andrea went over highlights.

  • Income –

  • Peter Pizza

  • Amazon Smiles

  • Movie Night Concession

  • Does not count apple square charges (member hub did not transfer money into account until April so not in March budget recon).

  • Spent: $229. $170 left for teach appreciation.

  • $133 left for movie stand.

  • $500 budgeted for supplies and equipment.

  • Bought a table that fits the table cloth.

  • ~$17 over in budget.

  • Will need to get approval if going to buy anything else.


  • Need volunteers

Teacher update: TOLAN:

  • Feedback is that it is church on Wednesdays and might need have PTSA meetings different night possibly or sometimes

  • Alternative day/try out and see what sticks.

  • By-laws say have to have a set time? Can try and play with it.

  • Want teachers to commit to one meeting a year or something to have more involvement.

  • Teachers are supportive but hard to commit to get on after hours.

  • SIGN UP GENIUS – splitting up into smaller hours for Spring Carnival

  • Get word out that they can split times. Told teachers it is flexible.

Principle update

  • Colonna– update went out last Friday.

  • Survey will be sent out to community. Does not know a lot but it relates to what is being looked for in next principal.

  • Tomorrow is her official hire date (4/7/22).

  • 10 person panel. 3 interviews before committee.

  • QUESTIONS BY PARENTS? Followed timeline for telling the community.

  • Reach out of any questions.

  • Deadline for reimbursement from teacher?

  • Figure out and send email.

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