Feb 2022 Hidden Hills Elementary PTSA General Meeting

Hidden Hills Elementary PTSA General Meeting

February 2, 2022

Held virtually via google meet

In Attendance: Christopher Taylor, Andrea Brouhard, Judy Marshall, Jacqueline Woods, Saja Lynn, Gianna Colonna, Barbara Lyons, Jeanne Tolan, Holly Weisenberg

President Update– Christopher

  • Motion to approve last meeting minutes– approved

  • Review Master Calendar


  • Penny Wars: 14th - 25th

  • Peter Piper Pizza Night: Tuesday 8th @ 4-8PM


  • Movie Night: Friday 25th @ 6/7PM


  • Earth Day Spring Carnival: Friday 22nd @ 5PM - 8PM

  • Possibility of In-person Book Fair discussed. Need to determine how many volunteers we are able to gather to determine if a Scholastic or Usborne book fair is a better fit

Penny Wars - Barbara

Discussed what Penny Wars are, and the various bin placements for collection during the event.

Funds raised to be put toward a sensory room for the school with specific goals for CABS Program Development


  • Access to a coin counter that doesn't charge a fee. Can also break down penny vs nickel vs quarter, etc.

  • The coin bins collection and taken to the bank to count - x2 volunteers

  • Location of grade bins discussed: cafeteria as a central location for kids to put in their monies

  • Will need 7 Coin bins & pull-cart

  • Consulting student council for desired goal prizes. Suggestions were slime principal at a predetermined monetary goal.

  • Winning grade level prize of Italian Ice or Snow Cone prizes -- distributed at lunch time

Timeline: February 14th - 25th; x2 weeks

CABS Program Support– Christopher

  • Penny Wars will be working toward supporting sensory aids and needs

  • Albertsons Grant Submitted: $5,500 (no more than 10% of annual budget could be requested)

  • Meeting with Marna Moore, Occupational Therapist & Ms. Hunn went well, and he got a good idea of the needs of the program.

Spring Carnival– Christopher

  • Need to secure date ASAP

  • Other Items:

  • PTSA Booth

  • Concessions

  • Field Games (soccer ball, etc.)

  • Volunteers x10 minimum, asked Tolan if she thought teachers would like to fill those spots.

  • Outside food vendors / trucks

  • PTSA Table Cloth to be ordered and is already approved in the budget.

Secretary Report - Saja

  • Membership - 79 members

  • Updated FB page - TBD

  • Website: https://www.ptsahhes.com

  • Table Cloth Designs presented

Treasurer Update - Andrea

  • January budget reconciliation presented

  • Current Budget presented and approved

Additional Updates

  • School Council Committee (Jon)-- not present

  • Teacher Liaison (Tolan)--

  • Conveyed the teachers thanks for helping with the dinner for late conference dinner

  • Principal’s Report (Gianna)

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