September 1, 2021 General Meeting

1919 E Sharon Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85022

Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Those in attendance:

Cathy Taylor, Amanda Frary, Jon Smanz, Elisa Mencez, Carlin Sweitzer, Jacqueline Woods, Jeanne Tolan, Gianna Colonna, Karen Bailes, Jaylene Spencer, Christopher Taylor, Judy Marshall, Morgan Storms, Trevor Van Huizen, Barbara Lyons, Kendra Gutierrez, Andrea Brouhard, Hannah Maskulka

Christopher Taylor called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Report of Officers:

President Report: Christopher Taylor -

Welcome to the 1st PTSA meeting for the 2021-2022 school year, and in-person in the school!! Introducing the new Executive Council - Christopher, Judy, Hannah, and Andrea.

Motion to approve last meeting minutes on May 19th, 2021 - Motion 1st and 2nd - Mrs. Tolan and Trevor Van Huizen.

Motion to Adopt State Bylaws - Motion 1st and 2nd - Jaylene Spencer and Judy Marshall

Treasurer's Update: Andrea Brouhard

Review the 2021-2022 Budget. Gianna reviewing Budget. Andrea to make edits.

Motion to Approve the Budget (with the edits) - Motion 1st and 2nd - Barbara Lyons and Trevor

Screenshot of Checking and Savings shown by Andrea.

Discussion for process of Check Request for teachers. PTSA will put several copies up front & drop it in the PTSA box.

Discussion Budget Committee re: fundraising, etc. Barbara Lyons & Kathy Taylor are volunteering to be on the committee. Will discuss with Andrea after meeting.

Vice-President Report: Judy Marshall

Our first fundraiser - Sept 15th at Peter Piper.

Other Ideas: SkyZone, Bahama Bucks, McDonalds, Food Truck during the day & invite the community to come. Idea to do Food Truck early in the morning or on half days. Food Truck during Parent Teacher conference week. We don't need a specific approval from District. Idea to have it start at noon. Two different kinds - Jamba Juice and a food truck, as an idea.

Spirit Rock - Barbara Lyons's idea from previous school. Parents paint the rock for b-days and pay $20 to paint themselves. Also, PTSA can paint it for the book fair, etc. Maybe the grey wall in the flow zone. Gianna will confirm.

We can use the light up billboard for b-days, etc. Gianna will ask to confirm.

Does the District allow school to rent the grounds? Jaylene is questioning. Gianna will confirm.

Each semester, we want one big event:

Idea for Fall - Trunk or Treat. Parking lot is small; however, but maybe we can use the streets and invite the community. This is a perfect event to do the 50/50 raffle, sell, glow sticks, and invited food trucks. Have people dress up and charge people to take pictures with them. Charge cars to enter and do we give awards for the best ones was another idea. Hot Dog Vendor idea - "We dream of Weenies." We could do the event on a Friday night, the week before Halloween.

Idea for Spring - Movie night. Mr. Powell sets up a giant movie screen and we invite food trucks. Movie license, we are not needing a license since we are not selling tickets to watch the movie. Sell a snack bar with candy. We have a free popcorn machine and water has always been free, at past events. We can sell glow sticks. Barbara Lyons has a popcorn machine, as well. Morgan has an idea to have a cotton candy machine, and sell cotton candy.

Secretary Update: Hannah Maskulka -

New website is up and running and in Hannah's possession. She handles the social media, as well.

We have 52 memberships for PTSA.

Swag - the shirt vendor has turned our site back on and we can purchase stuff online. We need to confirm how we receive 20% back to PTSA. Judy had the idea to do a contest and have the students come up with a new t-shirt idea and the students submit their designs. We can ask to get the art teacher involved.

We will need a new Yearbooks vendor. We will look into that.

UPC Representative: Carlin Sweitzer.

Trevor doing an overview of what the UPC is. Unsure of the time/day. He will confirm.

School Council Committee's Parent: Jon Smanz -

Gianna giving overview of the School Council Committee. Gianna wants more parents to volunteer.

Teacher's Liaison: Mrs. Tolan -

Questions about reimbursements. She's asking for 100% support from teachers to join PTSA.

Volunteer Needs:

Website up and running so we can ask for Volunteers.

Mrs. Molvin - wants to donate Cinder Blocks for the garden, but we need volunteers to help.

Re: Garden outside from Mrs. Tolan - It needs help to be a more sustainable garden. We would love parents, kiddos, teachers, etc. to come in and help with the garden. District put in an irrigation system. We can ask Moon Valley to help donate/sponsor.

Business donations for raffles, auction nights, we need volunteers to cold call to help grow fundraising and make more money for PTSA.

Principal's Report: Gianna Colonna:

HHES is in need to fill jobs. Please spread the word. Plenty of positions for full-time with benefits.

Governing Board - lots of division. Gianna request for people to go on Great Schools and Google Review to review the school.

Questions to Principal:

Mask mandate - It could become law to be required. There is an opt out form for staff and students to not wear a mask.

Quarantine whole class if there is a Positive Covid - Only if they are within 3 feet. If students/staff have been masked, no need for quarantine. 2 students to a bench during lunch, and only 1 grade level at a time during lunch. Gianna required to send email that there is a positive case. If a parent says their kid is negative, they do not require a negative test. If they call and say they're positive, they require a positive test. Nurse Jamie is on it!!

Unfinished Business:

Motion to Approve Local Standing Rules - Motion 1st and 2nd - Jaylene Spencer and Judy Marshall

Motion to Approve Audit - Motion 1st and 2nd - Barbara Lyons and Trevor Van Huizen

Meeting was adjourned at 6:59pm.

~For 2021-2022 School Year, Classes Begin Aug 10, 2021~

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