Nov. 10, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Members Attending

Christopher Taylor, Andrea Brouhard, Judy Marshall, Jeanne Tolan, Gianna Colonna, Trevor Van Huizen, Sebastian Van Huizen, Saja Lynn, Barbara Lyons, Jon Smanz, Jaylene Spencer and Cathy Taylor

President’s Report

Motion to approve last month's meeting minutes

1st Mrs. Tolan

2nd Jaylene

  • Food Drive for Mom’s Pantry, run for two weeks Nov. 29-Dec. 10

  • Survey about Trunk or Treat

  • District can provide lighting if done on a school day

  • Access to bathrooms must submit a building request to the district

  • Survey about what activities families would like, 80% want a school carnival. Jaylene brought up that a carnival is very expensive and requires a lot of volunteers. Trevor brought up that cost could be $8 – 10k

  • Have a Ball Night is another possibility, fun for the families and cost is low

Treasurer's Report

1st Jaylene

2nd Trevor

  • IRS form 990 filed

  • Went over budget by $29.00 for the Trunk or Treat

  • Website Domain cost $294.00 per year, this was not in the previous budget

  • Motion to approve $294.00 for website

Principals Report

Yearbook will be done by Student Council with the help of the Art and Music teachers

Family Fun Night will be a virtual event on Thursday Dec. 9, Mrs. Rea will read a book online for the students.

Old Business


Butter Braids -$2386.00

Peter Piper Pizza -$194.00

New Business

Holiday Movie Night on Friday Dec. 10th

Popcorn and cocoa will be served

Could ask for 2 cans of food for the food drive

Possible grant opportunity from Safeway/Albertsons

Ideas for grant use

  • Shade coverings

  • Benches

  • Sensory items

  • Books

  • Staff would like covered parking

Next meeting Jan 12, 2022

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