October 13, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jan 10

1919 E Sharon Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85022

Date: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Those in attendance:

Jill Parra, Judy Marshall, Jon Smanz, Amanda Frary, Jaylene Spencer, Barbara Lyons, Jeanne Tolan, Gianna Colonna, Jacqueline Woods, Matt Sereno, Candace Pirkey, Andrea Brouhard, Cathy Taylor, Christopher Taylor, Hannah Maskulka

Christopher Taylor called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Report of Officers:

President Report: Christopher Taylor -

Motion to approve last meeting minutes. Motion 1st - Tolan, 2nd Jaylene.

Introduce the Master Calendar for all events for 2021-2022. Send events, etc. to Christopher Taylor for anything in the future. School/Teacher events, ask Gianna for that information. Newsletter gets sent out monthly from Principal. Christopher can text Tolan re: school events.

Barbara can help Andrea with filing taxes for the PTSA in November.

Holiday tree - Gianna asked what it is. The holiday tree is like the salvation army tree/Angels. Kari Negale (social worker) does something similar, so Christopher will get with her and ask her questions.

Restaurant night ideas - Panda Express, Barros Pizza, and Bahama Bucks.

Fundraiser ideas - Movie nights, competitions between grade levels for holidays. Penny wars.

Newsletter - first issue. What are everyone's thoughts? Andrea likes it. Anyone else want to take that on/handle the newsletter?

Pinnacle Prep - Sponsor HHES as Title 1 School. They will be our sister PTSA. Their school has an Amazon wish list. Tolan mentioned there are teachers in HHES that have Amazon wish lists. Gianna would like to help teachers more with their wish lists. Christopher would like the wish list links from Tolan. Pinnacle Prep could help with Teacher appreciation week. One thing a day that week during the Teacher appreciation week in May. Could pinnacle prep help with candy with the Trunk or Treat?

Vice President's Update: Judy Marshall -

Peter Piper pizza - next Wednesday. Andrea mentioned we did not receive check from last event. Great to have events be the night before a day off - suggestion from Jaylene.

Fundraisers for November - Panda or Chipotle? Judy asked for a vote and ideas.

Idea from Gianna - Kona Ice truck.

Moon Valley - Amanda's idea for food truck night for November. They need a place to sponsor them. She will ask them.

Trunk or Treat - Candy donations for Trunk or Treats can be put into the PTSA room. All 20 spots are filled for cars. We need a prize basket. Anyone willing to reach out to community businesses to ask for things? Jon works at Alberton's and is willing to ask his work. Judy - Certificate for free pizza to put into it for Peter Piper. Jaylene can decorate basket.

Big checkers, big bowling, and corn hole for games at the Trunk or Treat (Amanda told let us borrow.) Plus, the items from the PTSA room from the Student Council we can borrow.

Butter Braids - Amanda brought samples to try. $602 in online orders. This does not include paper forms. Amanda will be taking care of all the paper forms. All orders are due by October 18th.

T-shirts/Online purchases - can purchase online. 20% is given back to PTSA.

Treasurer's Update: Andrea Brouhard -

New budget includes the following:

Increased Teacher budget to $120, from $100.

Check from Educational Products. Keep doing that every year. $553 earned.

Mercury Mines/HHES Development Day (12/7) - $179.96

Parent Teacher conference Dinner (10/26) - $158.49

Trunk or Treat - we need water/candy. Goody Bags were purchased.

Added Cash reserved.

Change Cabs/Morgan to Cabs/Valez.

$240 for Dyer teacher for last year's money from 2020-2021. Rolled over from 2020-2021 ($120 x 2 = $240 for this year only for Dyer).

UPC dues went over $2 bucks and $9 for website = $11 from cash reserve

Motion to approve new approve budget - Motion 1st - Barbara and 2nd - Jaylene.

Budget Committee - Approval for the new volunteers. Barbara Lyons, Judy Marshall, and Kathy Taylor, and Andrea Brouhard. Motion 1st - Tolan and 2nd - Gianna.

Presented the Budget Reconciliation for September & picture of checking/savings.

Secretary's Update: Hannah Maskulka -

We have 74 paid members in the HHES PTSA.

Student Council: Not in attendance

School Council Committee: Jon

no update. Meeting next week.

Teacher Liaison: Ms. Tolan

Tolan would like to communicate to teachers to join the memberships. Can we get volunteers to help with Trunk or Treat? Can teachers help get kids there to the Trunk or Treat? Put flyers out on the classroom doors & outside.

Principal's Report: Gianna Colonna

Back to the basics and pushing academics. Helping gaps to be filled academically for students. Extra government for Covid relief. Tutoring, retired teacher to help specifically in math. 10 teachers teaching before/after school.

Parent/Teacher conferences - we strive for 100% attendance for fall conferences.

Strongly encourage to help HHES get staffed. We are short staffed. Short substitutes. Take the wording from our newsletter and put it on the website or newsletter. The substitutes make about $92-$140 per day.

How can the HHES PTSA help the school?

Question from Jaylene. Picture day proofs - when will that come out?

Question from Amanda - Cancelled the cookie dough fundraiser - can we do it next year? In January/February? It is a larger return in money.

Tolan doesn’t want us to be discouraged in the PTSA if we do not have a large turnout/return in money. Jaylene encourages PTSA to try new things. Sonoran Sky - readathon idea from Trevor per Tolan.

Can we get signs for the Trunk or Treat to market it? Put flyers in the Butter Braids. Wear the Husky head in the flow zone and market the Trunk or Treat?

Unfinished Business:


New Business:

We need a new UPC Representative. Anyone would like to volunteer? 9am meetings, once a month on a Tuesday.



Upcoming Events:

Next PTSA meeting is November 10th.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:57 pm

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